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Cell Antenna Market Rents in 2017

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Posted on May 29, 2016


What is market rent? In the next 10 years the average cell site with 30 licensed antennas can gross $15 million to the cell carrier.  The Owner may only receive $150,000.   AMC understands that cell site leases are not property owner’s primary business and information is hard to find on market rents. Property Owners are frequently asked to:

  1. Extend the lease on the same basic terms

  2. Keep terms confidential

  1. Amend the lease in mid-term

  2. Allow automatic renewals

  3. Lock rent increases to inflation

  4. Allow carrier to to licence the site to others

  5. Allow unlimited use of site

  6. Allow 24 x 7 access

  7. Indemnify the carrier

  8. Waive assignment rights

  9. Waive permits and inspections

  10. Guarantee environmental costs

What is the impact of these terms?   Reduced rents. Increased Landlord risk. Call us to discuss for your market options at 604-566-9811

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