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Canadian Property Management Publishes on RF Injury Claims

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Posted on November 6, 2016

The national publication Canadian Property Management has published an article in its safety issue by the Vancouver based President of Antenna Management Corp. and Edmonton AMC associate Ryan Wagner on the growing risks of RF Injury litigation.  Publication readers include most commercial property owners and managers across Canada.  Each time the capacity of cell sites and power is increased on a property, the cell provider is required under its Industry Canada license to certify that the site continues to be safe. Canadian Property Management suggests that is is important to develop a telecom strategy for your site.

Engineer checks safety AMC suggests it is prudent to obtain copies of all Safety Code 6 certifications – be sure they are signed and sealed by an RF engineer – to be satisfied that the site is safe.  Even if the site locked off,  any workers that are not RF certified such as roofers, window washers, HVAC and elevator personnel may be RF injured if they are not aware of the precautions needed.

RF risk monitored ? As with patent trolls, AMC expects to see RF Injury trolls launching class actions against property owners for unsafe cell towers and rooftop cell antenna sites.  Property owners may not be able to expect support – especially for out of court settlements in these class actions.  AMC continually monitors cell antenna installations for all clients and requires all carriers to provide timely Safety Code 6 certifications.  Get your property certified RF safe at

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